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view Khuda Ki Basti Sets ‘Khuda Ki basti’, an Urdu literature classic written by (Late) Shaukat Siddiqui, was first ever Urdu novel translated in 26 international languages. It’s 41st edition is currently being published.

‘Khuda Ki Basti’ has been produced twice by state owned Pakistan Television Corporation, PTV in the year 1968 & 1974. Kohinoor Telefilms & Productions produced ‘Khuda Ki Basti’ for Geo Television Network in the year 2004 – 05. It is probably the only novel produced for television thrice.

A joint venture between Kohinoor Studios and MindShare (Pakistan)/ BroadMind, (Pakistan), global media companies, “Khuda Ki Basti” could be termed as one of the most expensive projects in the history of television in Pakistan.

“Khuda Ki Basti” also registered highest ever viewer-ship rating of 14 and an average rating of 6.75 per 165 episodes. This is highest ever viewer-ship rating till date on Pakistan’s Cable & Satellite foot–print.

Kohinoor Studios has acquired the production rights till the year 2014.

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Drama Series


Kohinoor has been engaged in multi-dimensional media activities.

Documentary production has been one of the major and initial passions for Rashid Sami.

As an amateur his first venture was producing documentary titled “Tera Pakistan, Mera Pakistan” (Your Pakistan-My Pakistan).

In this documentary division in classes thus resulting in discrimination between human beings was successfully portrayed and projected. This documentary was sponsored and supported by UNESCO and the Arts Council of Pakistan.

Hence, Kohinoor has produced several documentaries for private television networks in Pakistan such as Indus TV, AAJ Television Network and Geo Television Network.

UNESCO, US-AID, Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), HANDS and Aga Khan Foundation, Hussaini Foundation (Flood relief) and Marie Stope Society and Standard Chartered Bank have been our notable clients.


Achi Sachi Kahanian

The drama series of short serials would be based on story lines from Urdu literature and true stories. The accent of “Achi Sachi Kahani” would be on controversial issues. The first short-serial “Halala” , as apparent from the title, highlights one the most controversial issues of our society.
Cast: Kamran Jilani, Ashita, Mehmood Ali, Shaharyar Zaidi.

Shaitan Off-line

Lesser said – the better.
Coming soon to your favorite “Shaitaani” channel.

Aik Gana Aik Afsana

Based on the melodious tunes ‘Aik Gana Aik Afsana’ would be a series of short-serials. Coming soon on your favorite channel

Saanp Kahani

Saanp Kahani is yet another epic in making. Blanded with powerfull script (based on a bengali novel), Period – Sets / props / get-up / true to life performances and animated “jori of Naags” “Saanp Kahani is a serial which good be remembered for years to come.

Naag Intiqaam

This project is a classic combination of real and animated characters (naag in this case).

Two serials and a soap is being scripted.

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