By: Rashid Sami

It has been prove that television is the invention of the century. Entertainment put aside, the mini-screen has played a pivotal role in the department of news and current affairs. It was television, which in the present world has proved to be an effective tool in the process termed as the media wars.

Unfortunate but the fact is that since independence there is only one factor, which has been a regular feature in the lives of our countrymen, and that is uncertainly. Uncertainly gives birth to insecurity, which in turn originates corruption and it is corruption which extinguished ethics and conscience. The present state of our mini-screen seems to portray the true picture of the present masters of the media scene.

Islam defines the fundamentals of life in the very true sense and outlines a progressive theology. In today’s world when the anti-Islam elements are propagating the theory ‘fundamentals of Islam, media has a great duty towards Islam and Pakistan.

The philosophy of celebrating a festival goes beyond just merry making. Especially, the religious festivals that have a depth and a message to convey. Eid-ul-Azha communicates sacrifice and how our mini-screen portrayed the message was disappointment.

There were over eight musical/stage shows, which were telecast within three days exceeding the very limits of viewers’ patience and time. It was only the venue which chaged, otherwise the performers and participants were almost the same. Anwar Maqsood made his attendance on all three days and was reported to have said that the organizers of Tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali utilized almost every colour on earth while doing the backdrop.

This Eid, the transmission was relayed from the Pakistan Television, Karachi station. The incharge producers of the transmission were Ali Rizvi (Des Pardes fame), Shahid Iqbal Pasha and Manzoor Qureshi. There is a list of very angry artists who were not invited to the Eid show. An angry senior artist alleged that Ali Rizvi ignored all the senior artists and invited and projected the cast of his serial Ansoo, a serial made by private production house. Another artist pointed out that Jamshed Ansari, on the third day of transmission, thrice mentioned his private production company on the sarkari network. The same artist also suggested that Jamshed Ansari should be billed for 25 seconds of commercial time. This show again a run-of-the mill production, with Qaiser Nizamani and Khatija Rehman as hosts. The same questions were repeated, Kaisa lag raha hai, bakra kharida? Aaj to aap buhat ache lag reheen hain and the answer would be, Aap bhee for lowed by a giggle.

While commenting on Sahira Kazmi’s show, Wakeel Farooqi, a senior artist, insisted that all her invitees, including the performers and audience, had telephone numbers/digits starting from 58 and 56, suggesting that they were residents of Clifton and Defence Housing Authority. He also alleged the producer of promoting Junoon. A dejected female compare also pointed that while Junoon was in the limelight, Samina Ahmed, Salman’s wife was asked to host the show. Sahira Kazmi, however, was not available for comment.

The share of the stage/ musical/ talk shows during the Eid transmission was almost 50 percent. The quality of production, treatment and specially the script was unforgivable. There was no depth in the scripts and all the hosts, especially Anwar Maqsood spoke extempore. “Is it only the halla gulla that we want to give to our viewers?” inquired a senior playwright, “Or is it that we want to copy performances from across