By: Rashid Sami

All professions demand hard work. Creativity, a pre-requisite to success especially in the performing arts, is fragile feature that needs concentration to be able to put an idea to reality.

In developed societies, especially the west, entertainment is given high esteem. However, in countries, like Pakistan, artists and performers struggle to claim their basic rights that they ate denied which in turn hampers creativity and quality performance. Our part of the worked in the last three decades or so has seen a brain drain. Many performers who could hardly make both ends meet and also face a cap on their creativity, were seen to have created a professional niche for themselves outside Pakistan.

In order to let people involve in the arts work to their maximum potential, their right should be properly protected. In the west there are registered organizations that take care of problems of artists and performers to lend that peace of mind required to creative/deliver an entertainment project/presentation.

Television is a major source of news and entertainment for the local masses, has also been a major influence. The PTV, once the only television channel, made very strong Impact by its plays and dramas. Newborns were named after favourite television/filmi characters and local fashion was followed through plays on PTV. There were also times when the storyline of a play/drama was so convincing and true to real life that relationships were made and broken depending on the conclusion of the play.

Ironically the performing arts in our country was never accepted as a respectable profession. Television with its launch in the mid-sixties provided a platform for creative people at that time. Artists and professionals from the radio saw a new from of self-expression and were led by a passion more than money. In the course of events, artists had not paid attention to forming a working body or organizational that would have protected their rights. Issue got entangled when the fist private television channel was launched also followed by the first FM radio station in the nineties. It was only after the dissolution of NTM, that the “effectees” realized the need of putting together a professional body, which would protects the rights of the artists, scriptwriters, producers and investors on electronic media projects. The issue of ensuring “copyright” issues was also raised during this period especially for singers, producers and writers.

Though an equity of artists and medial-walley was formed, it soon disappeared after its formation. The influx of private production companies in the country has been able to private an impetus to support artists specially actors, writers and producers. Except for a few, most private production houses in the country not only pay a respectable fee, they also show respect to these media-walleys. It is expected that by the end of the present year there would be at lest three more private/Pakistani based satellite channels launched, including Indus Vision and AR digital. With more work and opportunities now offered to artists and performers, there is strong need for an organization that will protect their rights and provide the required stability to the profession. Creativity, dependent on peace of mind will provide quality presentation, is something crucial to better viewing.

The Mediavision Marketing (Pvt) Linited (MVM) will soon be out with Arman, written by Irfan Urfi and directed by Pervez Malik. It is a mega serial as claimed by the producer. An impressive cast includes Iman Ali, Veneeza Ahmed, Imran, Usman Peerzada, Fakar-e-Alam and Saleem Sheikh. Arman is to be aired every Saturday on PTV network.

Rakh written by Shahid Kazmi and produced by Zahid Mian revolves around three females Saira, Saima and Nida and their sacrifice. The cast includes Humayun Saeed, Sharqa Fatima, Hassam Qazi, Zeenat Yasmin and Qaiser Naqvi. Pehli Barish writtenby Asghar Nadeem Syed and directed produced by Zahid Mian is another impressive social drama. Cast includes Afzal Ahmed, Firdous Jamal, Noman Aijaz, Savera Nadeem, Sadia Imam, Farheen and Kashif. Other plays/dramas introduced were Aini and Apnon Se Duur.