By: Rashid Sami

One acknowledges the impact of television on society and its ability to transform or mould human psyche, then God help Pakistan!
Keeping in mind the credibility of government policies on other national issues, the recent PTV policies seem to be to project the importance of population control. Censor policies it change by the minute have Daily made one conclude that at worries our media masters in Islamabad most is not the blazed outside word which is “about to declare us a terrorist and a fundamentalist state,” but rather the alarming population growth of the country.

While reading this article, one might questions the writer’s mental state, but the latest circular issued by PTV and the Censor Board truly reflect the capabilities of our masters in Islamabad on matters of national importance, and what impact it could have on an average Pakistan intelligence (not the “sarkari intelligence”).

There is a subtle but very strong reaction from the private producers, writers and artistes on this farman-e-cansor. There is a general impression that such policies are made to irk, and thus eliminate, small producers or producers/investors with whom the media masters are not comfortable. First it was the pop groups and males with long hair and ponytails and them it was the duppatta syadrome for the female hosts/anchors. The irony  is that neither is there a written code of censorship. Nor does it apply to certain investors with direct and/or personal connections. It is equally a great financial loss to the small or big time investors and sponsors when their productions are censored and rejected censored and rejected without prior notice and definitely with a certain motive. It is about time that the TV wallas.