There’s a whisper down the field where the year has shot her yield, And ricks stand grey to the sun, Singing: ‘Over then, come over, for the bee has quit the clovers, And your (English) summer’s done  (Kipling)

By: Rashid Sami

It is skepticism and depression which is normally attributed to one’s attitude in his writings and perspective towards life at large. But it’s totally untrue. One believes that in order to make a difference and contribute, life has to be perceived from the ugliest possible angle without giving away hope and trust, in oneself and life around him.

Television today, specially in our part of the world, has become larger than life. People of our equatorial region are believed to be the most emotional creations of God and thus ate highly vulnerable to the ‘tele version’ of life. Unfortunately television is not only the major avenue of entertainment in our country but through satellite, it is also our spokes medium to the outside world.

PTV’s 9th awards ceremony recently held in Islamabad was a disappointment right from the start. The backdrop flashed a cigarette manufacturing company as the main sponsor of the event. One wonders why Yousaf Baig Mirza, Managing Director, Pakistan Television fails to consider the ethical aspect of presentation on money matters. The society that we live in and the health care requirements discard use of cigarette as it is ‘most hazardous’ to health. Cigarette manufacture is the main sponsor of the most prestigious event of Pakistan Television definitely sent out wrong messages within the country and abroad.

The presentation and production of the main PTV event, also to mark the 35th anniversary of television in Pakistan, was only a cliché of such programmes held previously and the usual and selected musical groups and indi.

The majority of personalities chosen for the distribution of awards, as compared to the receivers/winners, were of lesser worth in experience, personality and professional depth. Stars like Nimra, Vaneeza and Resham were invited to give away awards only to add glamour to the event.

Private producers when contacted to comment, attributed the fault to PTV stating that they have made several complaints but to no avail.
There is a new children’s programme which is presently being recorded, personalities behind this project is Marina Jaleel Khan, Jaleel Khan and Sophia Ali. Khul ja sum sum continues as the most favourite programme amongst children and adults alike. Amna Baber is the producer since it started and does her job with a passion. Television production in pipeline worth mentioning is Aik gana aik afsan, a series of 5-7 episode sep- said that Junoon also voiced their concern on this. Asim Reza is no doubt a creative person and his work stands out with a signature. The Junoon concert shown on Sunday night was also as exceptional production but marketing the event by highlighting someone other than the performers does not give off positive vibes and neither is it justifiable to the event, the performers or maybe even Asim, to highlight his name only because he happens to be the son-in-law of the most powerful man in the country.

Tariq Aziz Show continues as usual on Monday. One is surprised to see the same Tariq Aziz, who was not only his masters voice but also of all the Mians sometime back, to have transformed to a liberal person. One still remembers in a meeting between the private producers and the censorwallay Azher Lodhi and Tariq Aziz, the latter had rejected two programmes outrighty because it had made fun of the saas bahu relationship in a comedy skit. In the programme aired the previous Monday. Tariq Aziz introduced a advertising trends in the country.

Tahir A Khan was the one to mastermind the formation and operation of the first private sector television channel in Pakistan, NTM. His advertising firm was also the first one which brought a foreign affiliation with an international advertising firm. Tahir has now formed Mindshare Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, a media buying and planning company with affiliation of Mindeshare (International) which is the biggest in the trade with media buying of USSD 821.5 million for the previous year. With officers recently opened in China, Germany, Italy and Pakistan, Mindshare expects to improve its operations in this part of the world.

The concept of a media buying company is a great breakthrough in media advertising. The media buying department of Mindshate Pakistan has electronic/scientific data in terms of gallop/gross rating points (GRPs) that apply both to the electronic/print media and radio. This data when fed in, automatically guides media planners and the sponsors the precise medium with a detailed information about the time slot and programme on television or radio or the newspaper along with the page where sponsors would get the maximum GRPs.

India whose advertising spending exceeds 7,000 crore, compared to 500 crores in Pakistan has eight such global networks operating in India. Introduction of media buying companies in Pakistan will not only bring a positive trend in advertising but it will also be instrumental in bringing betterment to the overall media scenario. In turn, creativity and production quality of television/radio programmes will have to be upgraded in order to meet the international standards and thus bringing a positive change to the media image.