By: Ishrat Ansari

Hasratain, a mini serial which is part of the series, Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat, currently being telecast on Indus Vision, depicts the emotional plight of a teenage girl who is forced into marriage with a 60-years old man due to poverty. The series has been directed, produced and panned by a seasoned produced, director and writer, Rashid Sami.

The Nation Plus spoke to Rashid who revealed that he had a passion for Urdu literature which was where he took the main idea of Hasratain from. It was Ismat Chughtai’s story ‘Amar Bail’ to be precise that captured his fancy. Though the story has been developed by Rashid himself.

Sajida Syed, Qaiser Naqvi and Saqib Sheikh play the main characters in the play while a new girl, Maryum plays the lead role.

Rashid was of the view that in his every new project he tried to introduce new people. In Hasratain almost 50% of the cast members are new.

Rashid expressed his unhappiness over the private channels, as there was a lot of favouritism prevailing, “I am not working with many people, but I know for a fact that taking dictation is not my style”.

Besides he said, “Private channels are unable to restore the trust in producers. In India producers work on advance payments and they are financially secure. PEMRA should get involved in it and do something instead of paying lip service.”

Rashid directional debut was the drama series, ‘Ik Gana Ik Afsana’ aired in the year 2000. Then he directed classic series, ‘Kaff – Kahaniyan’ and ‘Ghar Beetiyan’ which were based on true stories.

Rashid said that he was very conscious about the treatment of his plays. He said that he considered story, acting, lighting and sets to be the most important things.