By Rashid Sami

The eye-opener held at a colourful café early last week, Lyari King Live, the brainchild of TV and theatre actor Rashid Sami raised quite a few eyebrows. Acted brilliantly by Ali Saleem as well as Rashid, the one act play had Rashid playing Lyari King, a live talk show host and interviewer whose guest is none other than the politically ambitious Bibi, Ali Saleem in costume. The shocking and catty one-liners caught the attention of the audience right from the word go. Laced with a heavy dose of carnal humour, the script left many among the unassuming audience blushing to the extent that some of them were seen making a premature exit to avoid further embarrassment. But the braver lot deciding to stick it but were well rewarded for their valour. Targetting the two prime political personalities of the country as well as the under custody hubby of one of them. Rashid’s scripted lines were crafted with a razorsharp edge that evoked, a strong reaction and bouts of thundering applause from the audience. Although, at times, the proceedings on stage seemed to go slightly overboard, the following sequence soon made up for it.

All in all, hats off to the café for hosting such a brazen play and what’s more, kudos to both Ali Saleem and especially Rashid Sami for executing such a brilliant and exciting piece of work with such aplomb. The due will be performing the second part of the tongue-in-cheek satire sometime in late. October at Café Blue - FQ