By: Rashid Sami

What does one recall when going through a day’s routine at the end of that day? The loud surprise which his one’s mind as a roaring generator replaces the unfaithful bijlee, or a lamented curse to the bijlee-wallas if there is no backup? Or the unforgettable moment when the water tap joins the over head shower announcing through a whistle that the rivers have dired up, or the un bearable heat which repeatedly reminds us about the relationship with the ozone layer and our soaking outfits. Not to mention the excessive bills that reaches the consumer after the due date and only moments before the disconnection of any one (or all) connectives that we have with our fellow human race. In short there are endless and numerous lists of little tragedies which have to be tacked on a daily basis.

In a third-world country such as ours where citizens have to justify their existence against other people’s faults and shortfalls, there are hardly any creative or entertainment outlets. Television is the only affordable entertainment available. The recently introduced cable networks are a success only for the reason that the entertainment started masses now desperately paring from the stage, a gigantic model, made like a ship. Ex-FM presenter Zeeshan Shah presented the karaoke with ABBA musical hit Dancing Queen.

There were two very impressive performances by Ashley of Aatish and Natasha, who sang her solo Teray liyae: both the Hasan and Nusrat Fateh in his top list of model figures that inspired him in music.

Kuri naal ishq, mundiya tay kuria di gal bun gaee, kuri nuch kae vikha and Farida Khanum’s Baley Baley were among his musical numbers that he presented to a absolute charged-up crowd. Furrukh Darbar’s dance group Paras also performed between some of the songs.

Despite the large numbers present there were no unhappy incidents as the organizers. Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank had made appropriate security measures.

“I am planning to introduce a different treatment to any songs by including ghazals in my future albums,” said Sukhbir who is inspired by Jagjit Singh, Mehdi Hasan and Ghulam Ali.

Soft spoken, the Kenyan-born pop singer is presently settled in Dubai, Sukhbir has recently released his new album Dil Kare in Pakistan. This was his 33rd concert in the country.

Shahzad Roy and Sukhbir are jointly bringing out a musical number which is nearly completed.

“It will contribute towards promoting friendship, peace and love on both sides of the border,” added Shahzad Roy who was present during the interview.

“I want to thank my fans in Pakistan for their endless love, support and warmth that is extended to me every time I am in the country,” stated Sukhbir.