By: Rashid Sami

He power shuffle in Islamabad may have brought a feeble ray of hope in some sections and the overall situation of the country but the status of the state-owned media remains as gloomy as every.

Television, unfortunately, has been the most powerful and effective tool of sarkari communications in our country and the Department of Current Affairs of Pakistan Television has always been the first one in the line of ‘duty’. It is ironic, but true, that the state-owned departments of Current Affairs have neither been the spokes medium for the people nor has it contributed much towards making life better for the common man. It is our infinite misfortune that our ‘controlled’ media has repeatedly tuned that our ‘controlled’ media has repeatedly failed in resolving the question marks that come with the package.

The recent revelation about the killings of 100 children in Lahore has shocked everyone. CNN and BBC had detailed/panel discussions on the issue and the factors that led, as described by the serial killer Javed Iqbal. To his foul deeds. The international media targeted our society and specially the role of the police for the present illness of our overall stature as a nation.

This heinous crime has left a deep sear on our psyche for the moment. Because as a nation we tend to brush our problems under the carpet after awhile. More should have been done to bring about awareness among the people and active participation to pressurize the police and the government for speedy result. A daily 4.7 minute update on the Khabarnama only aggravated the already tormented situation. Television programmes and talk