By: Ishrat Ansari

Rashid Sami is mover in the field of showbiz. From actor, director and then writer to producer he is doing very well in all fields. His biggest project is remaking of “Khuda Ki Basti” which may turn out to be a huge success. He took the legal rights of “Khuda Ki Basti” from Shaukat Siddiqui couple of months age “ I am gradually reaching towards my target undoubtedly remaking of KKB is a challenge for me” he say in interview with the Nation Plus.

When Rashid came to know that Faiz Ahmed Faiz was the custodian of play from the government side he got conscious and thought that the play should not be less than the original. He literally did everything from the scratch and almost 90% recording was made on the set. Keeping in mind he established his own studio called “Kohinoor Studios’ in Korangi sector 5 three months back. “it is one of the biggest TV studios in Pakistan he claims. Rashid is the only producer in Pakistan who has his own studio. He was of the view that in studio, camera and audio can be controlled easily.

Giving further details he said that Waqar Ali has done its music and Zafar Miraj has written it while cost of the serial has yet to be decided. Character would be today’s but it will give the touch of 70s. Shaukat Siddiqui suggested to him to keep in mind the era of 70s in fashion and scenes. “The play will give the look of 70s as far as sets, fashion, door and windows are concerned. I did so because it will create nostalgia. When the play will come out viewers will know that every thing is contemporary and characters will be presenting today’s stories. He said that he decided to do it because the problems of the poor were still as it were 40 years ago. ‘We are doing it for the poor’. Socio cultural values are still the same he said.

Rashid himself is also performing a role of an owner of an NGO “Falak Paiman”. The NGO will be renamed in the play. Khuda Ki Basti has potentate. “Narration is an art. Viewers feel that it is unreal but the good treatment makes things real in which lighting plays as important role. He is do this play for Indus TV go for other new change it will be a risk as how people would respond he expressed his apprehension.

Rashid started theatre 1988 from “Theatre Wa of Rahat Kazmi. He act in Nasal, Nijaat, Jaal, Tapish, and number of long plays. During act he also started writing direction. Saira Kazmi, inspires him for her creativity, Gahazanfar Ali for his commercial and monetary understanding and Imran Aslam for her writing style. He contributed in leading English newspaper on politics showbiz issues. Direction his passion and he started direction in 1996. He produced and directed ‘Sunday Brunch’ in which he introduced comedy skits. As far as plays are concerned his direction debut was drama series ‘Gana Ik Afsana’ aired in 2000.

Then he also directed classical series ‘Kaff-Kahaniyan’ and ‘Ghari Beetiyan’ which was based on true stories. Talking about his project he disclosed that he is a working on the telefilm “Thi Abada” which he has written himself. Besides telefilm, he has directed sitcoms.