By Rashid Sami
We all have dreams: a craftsperson’s dream is of living on through his craft, and the heritage of his art, which he worships, would be kind of a promise, of handing down his legacy from master to apprentice. (Narration)

Forty-five minute drive from the city is a country club with lush green lawns. These lawns were the venue for a fashion catwalk display of the latst work by Shaiyanne Malik.

An atmosphere of fantasy, a candlelight dinner arrangement, perfumed ambience, Karachi’s late November chill and the never-ending expanse of open surroundings gave a novel appearance to the evening.

As the first sequence began the stage was enveloped in complete darkness and the models with their silhouette-like shadows walked to the soft music. This was followed by a melo-dramatic narration by Sohail Malik which described the dreams that could come to life, the never ending-story of passion, the secrets encircled in flowers, the ecstasy of creativity, the fantasy and the rainbow which would lead to eternia. The show