By: Rashid Sami
Calamities bring misfortune and suffering. Be a personal tragedy affecting one person, or a natural disaster causing devastation to human lives, miseries can only by healed by collective and united efforts.
For six years this country went without proper rains. The fried rivers causing drought to and became a direat to human survival. Prayers were heard but we had to pay a price as well. Devastation through rains crushed death with millions being effected as floods washed away their belonging and property.

Fund-raised were organized throughout the country and Pakistan Television through their three main stations Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad made major efforts. The transmission titled “Marathon transmission” and funraiser titled Banain gae hum sahaara, was aired live for almost twelve hours. It was commendable job which managed to raise considerable amount of money.

The hosts of the show were Qaiser Nizamani, Huma Mir, Mehmood Mughal and Shamoom. The main event of the transmission was the auction of items provided by the sport celebrities of the country. Imran Khan and Ijaz Ahmed gave away their bats; Islahuddin and Manzoor Juniour gave their hockeys and shirts. Maybe due to budget restraints or reason best known to organizers, only singers were invited as guests. At different intervals the singers presented their popular numbers. Shahzad Roy’s Teri Surat. Faakhir’s Dilruba, Arshad Mehmood’s Haey Chumo, Ifraheem’s Zameen ki gaud and Jahan pyar charagh jalata hay and Waris Baig’s Khoya raha taray piyar mein were amongst the musical numbers presented.

There was a collective effort seen as Federal Minister for finance contributed one hundred thousand from his personal fund and school-going children offered their pocket money for the fund-raising.
The monst positive spirit was by Abrar-ul-Haq who contributed a concert’s earning to the cause and had brought to contributions from different friends. He alson announced to his friend that he had switched on his mobile phone should they make their contributons. Waris Baig and Shahida Mini soon followed and contributions were still coming in as the transmissions was nearing its end.

During the transmission different personalities who gave messages included Abdul Sattar Edhi, Talat Hussain and Samiullah.

This time also, PTV Lahore, took the credit for presentation and contribution. Surprisingly, the set put up in Karachi was not only unimpressive but the technical quality was not up to the mark. However, the over all presentation was commendable effort.

Pakistan Television recently announced their next quarter. Daam Rasaeey is a serial which depicts the clash between human values, personal interests and the negativity of the latest technologies namely the Internet. Written by Manzar Imam and directed by Qasim Jalali, the play revolves around three families. Anwar belonging to a middle class family gives up a beautiful relationship to marry an upper-class girl Roshni, who is suffering from brain tumour. On the other hand Roshni’s brother through internet chatting gets involved in a girl living abroad and only after the nikah finds out that it was a storyline has interesting turns, and the cast includes Tahir Rizvi, Maria Wasti, Salma Zafar and Aslam Latar.

Sahil Ki Tamama is another 25-minute serial based on late Waheeda Nasim’s novel. Produced by Shahid Iqbal Pasha and written by Nayyar Mukhtar the storyline revolves around the injustices to the female gender. The lead character played by Khatija Rehman, has idealized her father in a household where boys are given preferences on all issues.

After her father’s death she supports the family and manages to pull them through. The cast includes Latif Kapadia, Sajida Syed, Ayesha Khan, Tahir Kazmi and Adeel Ansari.

Other programmes for the quarter are Muskurahat, Ek teray aanay se pehlay, Roshan taara, Sub rung and Kacheree. Independence Day programmes include Hum dua kar challay, Music show, Punch line, Zindabad Pakistan quiz and Folk dance.