By: Rashid Sami
The little magic box called television, can be turned as one of the most significant discoveries of the world. Also known as the mini-screen, television soon after its invention, became the main source of news and entertainment for the masses.

As mentioned in previous columns, television has also been used by different nations as a tool for propaganda. Second World War was one such case where the electronic media was cleverly and intelligently used to boost the moral of the Allied Forces and nations.

Film or television footage, recorded through the lens is ruthless and objective, delivering and describing events as they occurs like the calamity of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which happened over fifty years ago. Images of these tragic incidents were brought to the mini-screen through live coverage of the events to New York and Washington.

It was around 7 p.m. on September 11, that the international news networks, mainly CNN and BBC through their breaking news switched to live telecast of events of the World Trade Centre in New York. Transmission of CNN, however, was disrupted as its main antenna was placed in Tower A of the WTC. Images of the planes striking the Twin Towers one after the other, followed by men and women jumping down out of fear and the confusion, and finally the collapse of the global business and financial landmark, was a sight that many will not forget too soon.

It was again television, which constantly reminded the world of the atrocities that were taking act of terrorism on the United States and then blaming the whole incident on Muslims. The American nation’s television viewing is one of the highest during fixed wrestling events because it is dramatic to watch in the same way the WTC incidents has a ‘fixed’ globe, including Pakistan, were glued to their television sets. First there was a list Muslim passengers (amazingly traveling under their real names), then television footage of Muslim women and men being arrested through-out the United the towers, finding a passport of terrorist surely sounds bizarre.

Coverage of the event reflected the biased temperament of the Western media that understands the importance of the element of drama and sus-attacks against not only Muslims and Arabs, but Sikhs as well who are being mistaken for Muslims. At least three Asians have been reported killed by unknown assailants. Attacks have also been made on properly owned by Muslims. Israel and India remain in the