By: Rashid Sami
Electronic media in recent times, has proven to be the most effective tool in the portrayal of any country to the outside world. Satellite technology has given new shape to the business, diplomatic and political strategies, and has presented different cultures to the viewers around the globe. The mini screen can also distort a true picture in order to achieve the goals of the countries.

A recent example of media wars has been the Zionist atrocities in Occupied Palestine. On the one hand the western media has been busy in misinforming the world, representing the unarmed Palestinians as aggressors, on the other hand a handful of Muslim networks have been telecasting the true picture where Zionist soldiers are shown firing and killing unarmed Arabs including children. Need of the hour is to represent the true picture of the Muslims to the outside world. It is amazing that with so much resources and wealth the Muslim could not form a single news channel to cater the western world.

Critics may have a lot to say against PTV World, but one cannot take away the credit that this satellite channel, despite all its restrictions, is portraying with a liberal and educated view Pakistan to the outside world. PTV World since its formation has providing entertainment programmes to its viewers but was not used to represent the Pakistani business environment to the foreign investors. Business Review, directed and produced by Nasira Zuberi is the first programme on the Pakistani satellite channel, which offers detailed insight of the business environment and community. The programme also takes the viewer to different consumer outlets where people are interviewed describing the positive and negative aspects. The finance and the petroleum ministers have been interviewed to represent the official version regarding the financial calamities in the country. Pakistan Television has announced it will launch the news and current affairs channel on November 3. titled Pakistan News Network (PNN), this channel which will be linked to the National News Bureau, Pakistan Television would provide round the clock hourly news in English and Urdu except between 7 and 11 p.m. the hours which will offer entertainment programmes produced by PTV and private production companies. Burhanuddin Hasan, a former GM of KTV, has been appointed the “consultant” and will be the head of the said news channel along with Shakoor Tahir and Ahsan Qadir Hashmi of PTV. Burhanuddin Hasan is a respectable name in the trade. It is hoped that the PNN, which will also be telecast through satellite will portray a liberal and progressive Pakistan to the outside world.

Now coming to the entertainment programming, The “mega” serial, as all the marketing people prefer to utile it, of the week is Bewaris. It is undoubtedly a mega-serial as the Evernew recording floor in Lahore was hired and a haveli set was erected to shoot the serial. The launch of the serial was recently held in Karachi at the PAF Museum. Sarwar Hasan of Goldwater Marketing was the host of the event. The event, which started late, was worth waiting for as the set was specially brought to Karachi for the launch. Uzma Gillani who is playing a lead in the play hosted the show. Bewaris is a story about the clash between egos and fate. It is going to be a memorable serial as the story-line not only touches the problems of women in general, but also has a dramatic element of tragedy. Scripted by Zubair Abbasi and directed by director-cum-cameraman Faisal Bukhari the cast includes Shahid (film-star), Sawera Nadeem, Sadia Imam, Arbaz Khan and Kashif Mehmood.

Mobile Maskharey is yet another comedy programme making waves on the mini screen. Hosted by talented Najaf Bilgrami, currently directing present serial Mujhe tum nazar se in drama series Aik Gana Aik Afsana and other music videos, Mobile Maskharey is a local adaptation of Candid camera, directed by Arshad Shah this programme provides light entertainment to the viewers.